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Full text of "Annual Evaluation Report Fiscal Year 1984"

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C.    Costs., Benefitss and Effectiveness:

Students Served: For school year 1984-85, $16,600,000 of FY 1984 funds
were used for the education of refugee children; 93,920 children were
served for an average of $159 per child. For the same school year,
$5 million was appropriated under Section 501(a) of the Refugee Education
Assistance Act of 1982, as amended, for the education of Cuban and Haitian
entrant children, and 12,959 children were served for an average cost of
$386 per child.

The Secretary determines the amounts of the awards to State educational
agencies (SEA) based on a count of the eligible children enrolled in
public and nonprofit private elementary and secondary schools in the
States. For each year in which funds are made available for this proyram,
the Secretary announces a count date when SEA's must count the children
eligible for assistance. Some State and local agencies may have diffi-
culty in arriving at accurate counts because identification of children
eligible for assistance involves privacy issues which in some cases are
governed by State and local law.

Geographic Distribution: For school year 1984-85, the States reported
that there were 93,920 eligible refugee children enrolled in the Nation's
elementary and secondary schools. The nine States with refugee children
enrollment of 3,000 or more have a total of 63,800 refugee children or
68 percent of the total refugee children enrollment. California alone
accounted for 31 percent of the total.

Enrollment Decrease: Between school year 1983 and 1984, total enrollment
of refugeechildren decreased by approximately 15 percent.

Instructional Methods: Bilingual education was used in 17 States (requir-
ed by State law in four States). In addition, 13 States used ESL, 13
States used ESL and bilingual programs, and 10 States operated tutorial
programs. Finally, 31 States operated summer programs.

Program Effectiveness:    No information is available.

P., EĽ, and F.

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Contacts for Further Information

Program Operations: Jonathan Chang, (202) 732-1842
Program Studies  : Robert Stonehill, (202) 245-9401
C.    Costs, Benefits, and Effectiveness: